About FLA Watch

FLA Watch was created to expose the truth about the Fair Labor Association (FLA). While the FLA claims to be protecting workers’ rights and improving labor conditions, the organization has demonstrated itself over the years to be nothing more than a public relations mouthpiece for the apparel industry. Created, funded, and controlled by Nike, Adidas, and other leading sweatshop abusers, the FLA is a classic case of the “fox guarding the hen house”.

Few things have made the FLA’s true agenda more clear than the organization’s recent dishonest attacks on the proposed Designated Suppliers Program (DSP). The DSP presents a solution to the sweatshop problem in the apparel industry by requiring that university apparel be produced in factories with a strong commitment to high labor standards. Showing its true colors, the FLA has not only publicly attacked this new anti-sweatshop initiative, but has done so by intentionally spreading misinformation about the policy apparently so that the proposal won’t receive honest consideration by the university community. FLA Watch is a response to the FLA’s unfair attack on the DSP and the organization’s ongoing failure to protect the rights of workers around the world.

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A Chronology of Failure

A Chronology of Failure From its inception to the present day, the FLA has failed to produce effective or timely responses to egregious violations of worker rights. Time and again, the FLA has proven itself unable to address worker complaints and time and again taken the side of multinational corporations against workers. Have you heard …

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Anatomy of an FLA report

FLA’s Own Monitoring Reports Reveal Stunning Ineptitude in Factory Monitoring The FLA must be hoping that no one will actually read its factory reports. Maybe that’s why they are showcased in a barely squintable 6-point-font, under layers of flashy graphics, in the FLA’s annual report. We have squinted our eyes and read the reports and …

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What's Wrong with the FLA?

So what is the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and what is wrong with it? The Fair Labor Association (FLA) is a factory monitoring organization that was created by multinational apparel companies and a handful of non-profit organizations in the late 1990’s. It grew out of something called the Apparel Industry Partnership, convened by President Clinton …

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